Bar Overview of Coffee shop Chanson in P Pere, WI

My woman friend just came back from the three week extravaganza in Europe. To be able to celebrate her go back to america, I made the decision to consider her to Europe! Well, kinda. I required her to Europe in P Pere. More particularly, Chateau P Pere. Chateau P Pere may be the somewhat new French-designed hotel situated around the East side of P Pere. And inside this charming en-suite hotel is really a charming restaurant and bar. Just in case you did not know, the masterminds behind St. Brendans Motel are the masterminds behind Chateau P Pere.

We showed up around 4PM on the Saturday. We are on European time, remember? Aperitifs are extremely standard in Europe. I was simply following protocol for mid-day drinks. Anyway. You will find two methods to enter Coffee shop Chanson. Because we’re two wise and educated ladies, we joined with the back, more confusing way. Why go ahead and take clearly marked entrance using the short elevator ride towards the second floor whenever we can enter with the hotel, walk lower a hallway, walk up a flight ticket of stairs, walk lower another hallway, realize we’re just travelling to more rooms in hotels, support and walk back the way you came, enter another door and – voilà, exist! We’re proud to get results for our wine.

Coffee shop Chanson comes with an interesting layout. Should you type in the back way, you face district part. Should you enter with the front, you face the bar part. Once we walked lower the hallway toward the bar we observed that people were the only real classy bar flys around. Upon taking our seats in the bar, the bartenders welcomed us and gave us some drink menus to peruse. He was super friendly and incredibly mindful. That coffee menu is very expansive. Their wine list offers various and unique yellows, whites, and bubblies. And, yes, a lot of your options are French. The costs for wines start at $6 the wines we chose were $9. The bartenders even offered us an example to make certain we’d enjoy our selection of red-colored, awesome no? The majority of the wines could be bought through the glass, instead of bottles only. Coffee shop Chanson carries limited beer on draught, but offers a lot more in bottles. The domestic ales start at $3.25. For the liquor, Coffee shop Chanson has every type of liquor possible, so enable your imagination go wild together with your poison.

The decor at Coffee shop Chanson is with taste done. The dark wood bar and shelving, the neutral colored walls, and vintage searching lamps, exudes warmth and comfort. Relax, sport fans, they likewise have a sizable lcd TV hanging up which means you will not miss the experience. If you are searching for a quieter spot for some wind down-time, Coffee shop Chanson is a superb place to visit. My girlfriend and that i simply sitting back, relaxed and drenched within the relaxed atmosphere.