Top 5 Sushi Rolls with Lowest Calories

Who doesn’t love to spend a Friday night going out to their favorite sushi place? If you’re watching your weight, going out to eat and sticking to a diet aren’t usually two things that go together. But, we’re here to help you make sure that your night out won’t be too much of a strain on your calorie count. Here are the top five sushi rolls with the lowest calories.

  • Salmon Cucumber Roll

If you’re looking for a roll that’s good for your heart, then the salmon cucumber roll is perfect for you. It also only has 231 calories. The roll has an amazing amount of omega-3 fatty acids. And the cucumber adds a lovely crunch to the sushi roll adding another layer of texture to your meal.

  • California Roll

This classic sushi roll is a staple at your local grocery store, 7/11, and basically any other place that sells food. But even if you’re taking that leap and trying sushi for the first time, this roll definitely wouldn’t be a bad choice off of the menu. The California roll has 225 calories, 7 grams of fat, and 9 grams of protein. This roll can definitely stand on its own as a light meal, or a size to an even grander culinary adventure.

  • Shrimp Roll

Shrimp contains essential fatty acids that’ll boost the health of your brain and immune system. Make sure you don’t choose that oily deep-fried tempura roll, and stick with a roll that’s on the fresh side of things. This roll only has 199 calories, and zero grams of fat. This roll will have you feeling refreshed and fulfilled, instead of the bloat that you feel after a deep-fried roll. Keep things simplistic with this shrimp roll, and your waistline will surely thank you later.

  • Tuna Roll

This popular sushi roll adds a punch of protein with a thin slice of tuna. This roll is only 184 calories, and packs a lot of worthwhile nutrients into a small roll. Make sure to order it without the high-sodium sauce that turns it into its well-known counterpart “spicy tuna roll”. The sauce, based in mayonnaise, adds an almost 100 extra calories to your meal.

  • Avocado Roll

When in doubt, order an avocado roll. You can’t go wrong with seaweed, rice, and avocado. It’s one of the simplest sushi dishes you can order, which leaves more room for you to indulge in more of this delicious sushi roll. This roll contains an amazingly low number of calories: 140. Just don’t go too overboard on the soy sauce or sake!

With these five suggestions on the mind, your next trip to the local food court will be a breeze. Make sure to stay away from the rolls involving a mayonnaise sauce, and the ones including deep-fried ingredients. These ingredients add a bunch of unneeded extra calories to your meal. All of the top five keep things fresh and lively. These suggestions will keep the calorie count low, and the taste-factor high. Now, the sushi restaurant’s menu will have nothing on you.

Article by: Urban8